Things you should know

First of all I welcome you all on board. Please accept my best wishes to all your future ventures. We need to widen our thoughts and think of a Broad Category of human race, where every one is equally allowed to express there views. This is not just another forum where people meet and discuss, but this is a platform whole world can share.

This is your own community which is online for the first time in world wide web. In other efforts this forum can introduce the Next Generation of chartered accountants to world wide web, who are now extremely talented and IT savvy too. No one previously has taken any honest effort to project a real image of a Indian Chartered accountant apart from few commercial efforts.

This community is driven by Volunteers, contributors and moderators within ourselves, by individual contributions of time and efforts for betterment of this site. Even if we invest 30 minutes a day this community will rise to a level beyond expectations.

Our Vision is to be ranked amongst the top rated internet family who will be known doing things differently as well as a semi commercial internet community who provide users a solid platform to share, help, create knowledge base, improve there ratings, known to the world as well as earn a substantial amount by using this board.

Our motto is to create a open helpful community coupled with useful resources, articles, tutorials, downloads and discussion forums, as a community member we will respect other members integrity and render our help with best possible efforts. ” We are dedicated towards providing better platform dedicated to CA community of world and keep working on improvements and features to lead the site to Top-front and success.”

This forum will project the image of our country to different level. There are much hue and cry about other verticals, but nothing done so far for the interest of CA community of India. The future plans are high and we can create a Top rated internet community in near future, where CA’s or CPA’s from other part of world will love to join.

We will be soon opening an Newbie section where we will be adding tips for those who are still studying and looking for help and tutorials time to time. Each one of the member will volunteer to guide an upcoming CA by writing some helpful tutorials for the site.

Internet has opened an opportunity for all to explore new horizons. We will be maintaining a career Manager where we will publish new opportunities and other areas which can be explored as an potential opportunity for all.

Members will vote and choose the Site Bearers for this forum. Each one will have a responsibility to perform so that integrity and dignity of the site will maintain. It may be a job of a contributors who weekly submit a tutorial on any subject, Applying to moderate the site or any other services he/ she wish to render.

Every one on board has equal rights assigned to them. Any registered member can open his/ her own thread and share there knowledge. We have assigned equal rights to those who joined to forum, so that we can maintain a true forum for all CA’s.

All the 50 members who appears in Thanks List will have there own profile or resumes, which will be manually designed as web pages, crafted into a unique profile for all. You can carry this link to your site profile or any where, so that other people can learn more about you. This link will carry in all the post made by you.

Your forum is running on worlds no. 1 blog software and soon giants like, Google, Yahoo or MSN will be offering this to there communities.

The site is hosted on latest Dual Xeon Linux server in Arizona IDC, USA. This server is only 3 months old and data center is comprised of ultra high-quality connectivity, networking gear, climate control, security and power systems. Network is comprised of connectivity from several leading Internet backbone providers and enables us to achieve 99% network uptime. The Worldcom/UUNET, Level3 and Sprint backbones over multiple DS3 circuits per provider give us the capacity to host even the largest bandwidth intensive applications.

We will be launching the section where we will Honour any Individual member as a “Member Of the month”, which will be our highest award to them. All other members will appreciate his or her’s contributions toward community.

Still More thoughts are in process and this post will be updated too. I am looking for valuable suggestions from board and will appreciate if they come out with views and suggestions.