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Buy Riobant (Acomplia) Without Prescription, "Indian economy is progressing....
"Share market crosses phenomenal 11000 mark...!!"
"Indian market is the hottest choice for FDI...!!!"

These are a few areas which have been in the top most news for quite some time now.We all have been basking under the hot growing Indain economy, online buying Riobant (Acomplia), Riobant (Acomplia) samples, reaping the benefits in the form of growing job opportunities & increasing pay packages offered by the MNC's.

Investors have been jubiliant from the last few months since the sensex has been touching the mark even high above the sky, Riobant (Acomplia) over the counter. Riobant (Acomplia) coupon, Huge malls and multiplexes mushrooming in and around the city make all us metro citizens believe that India indeed is PROGRESSING!!

But how many of us indeed sit up and atleast try and see the other side of the coin.

Is a country where young Rafiq's are burnt alive by mobs because of clashes between the police and the people over the fact that a Durgah which is in the middle of a road blocking traffic is removed Progressing??

Is a country where 22 people have been killed in a small Kalhan village in Kashmir in a millitant attack be called as Progressing??

Is a country where the politicians for increasing their vote banks play with the future of the students of the country be called as a Progressing Nation??

Or is a country where a younger brother kills his own elder brother simply because of his own insecurities be called as Progressing??

Whenever i think about these issues, Riobant (Acomplia) class, Taking Riobant (Acomplia), major doubts creep into my mind..i dont think i can call my country as a progressive Nation till the day such incidents keep happening around..till the day WE,the citizens of this country dont stop judging people on the basis of their religion and region, Riobant (Acomplia) images. Herbal Riobant (Acomplia), Till the day when even a single event happening in a far Kashmir district will not effect us-the people living in SO CALLED advanced metros..our country will not be a PROGRESSIVE NATION!

What do u think...???.

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9 Responses to “Buy Riobant (Acomplia) Without Prescription”

  1. Mrigank Sinha

    May 08. 2006


    Kya baat Hain…………aap to blog par info etc contribute karne lagi hain. Wow!

    Neways…..i am very enthu on writing back on the article of urs t hv jus come to offc. He he.

    So see u in India on 8 th of June.

    Tk care, mrigank

  2. Madhur

    May 08. 2006

    India is a countyr which was under colonial rule for more than 200 years. It is a developing country and is developing very fast. But there are few problems which have crippled the growth of this country…unfortunately.

    Communalism, religion fanatism etc add to the misery. On top of that we have more than 100 crore people to support with the limitation of the resources….and some in the process of trying to survive, we indians have lost our morals (though we talk a lot bout our culture but all these seem meaningless at times when the incidents enumerated above by the blogger happens).

    India is definitly progressing but the people’s mindset are not changing. We still fight on petty issues, we still talk bout reservations, we still come out in large numbers to protest Bush’s visit, we still participate in communal riots, amongst us hundreds of people are burnt to dead in some shopping carnival….but all this incidents happen either due to few interested people, or due to few miscreants or due to our callousness or because people are misguided.

    India is progressing …but it will truly prosper when we-the people of india change our mindset..when we the people of India imbibe moral values and march ahead.

  3. Mrigank Sinha

    May 08. 2006

    Well since we are speaking here about seeing on the other side of the coin, lets actually see that.
    I am of firm belief that India, no doubt, is progressing. But there are no two thoughts that incidents like rafiq etc are for sure a curse on a Country and a society which undoubtly has the oldest civilization after Egypt.

    But dont you think that every achievement has a flip side too. Ok. Lets take this. Do we all agree that US is a developed economy. Well, but still there are n no of incidents happening everyday which are not moral and totally opposed to the idea of ethical human civilization.

    India stretches far and wide. Its the lasrgest democracy. A country which actually is secular. Just think….a christian (sonia ghandhi) stepped aside 2 yrs ago to hand over the reigns of the country to a sikh (Dr Singh) who was sworn in by the Hon’ble President of India who happens to be muslim (Dr Kalam) in a country which has 82% hindus. How many countries can claim of this! Nne.

    But everything comes with a price. Its not that things like rafiq etc are not wrong and must be stopped. But lets be objective in our thoughts and not subjective. These evils that have crept in the society are not entirely dependent on the economic progress…lets embrace wts wrong and try and change it. But also lets feel good bout or achievements. Its only then we can remove these evils from the indian society.

    But trust me on this! It feels great that there are people around who actually want to make a difference. Thats great! Hail to peace and prosperity>>


  4. Akash

    May 13. 2006

    Well, i believe India is indeed at the shining horizon. As far as other side of coin is concerned, it’s been in the History that our Country was and will continue to let these absurds happening. Its totally uncomparable with the other Brighter side of the coin.
    So,,,gradually i guess One Day WE WILL HAV TO CREATE RANG DE BASANTI if these absurd killings doesnt stop in country.

  5. Shashank

    May 14. 2006

    Stock market should not be treated as measurement of progress of a country or economic strenth. They are based of speculations and controlled by few people.

    How our Governmet is promoting or assisting small business, small industries or working towards growth of common people who live in mass?

    Currently it seems only few people are progressing, not our country at all. below are the examples:

    1. The rules and tax structures are best suited for large industries. small and medium industries are paying from their nose to survive.

    2. Small business is fast becoming a playmates in hands of large players. Government is doing their best to sabotage the growth of small business.

    3. Ministers for their own interest fuelled the reservation issues. This will devide the lower and middle class. Instead of providing job, they are ruining the career of talents in India.

    4. The infrastructure which our Government provide, is not affordable for common people or small business.

    5. Corruption is on its peak, who cares…

    6. We dont have any solid investment schemes where people feel their money is safe. Government has reduced rate of interests in schemes like PPF, NSC etc.. and people are bound to invest with “Private” operators.

    7. Their is no increase in per capita income, but their is sharp rise in per person expenditure.

    8. Selling out agriculture which is India’s stronghold. Soon you will see this sector will also controlled by few people only.

    9. privatisation of core areas, i.e. Electricity, Communication, resulting steep rise in cost as well as consumers are cheated. What happened to so high “Meter Drama” no one even remember.

    There are many more to say. A country progress only when it strengthen its internal resources. Remember the examples of post world war resurrgent of Japan, China and USA when they work hard to increase their internal resources. We are heading towards economic slavary.


    Its my own openion, not to target anby one else.

  6. Pradeep maheshwari

    May 14. 2006

    We are at a point in history where the world has found afew things in our country that they need. They are capitilising on it and we seem to be flourishing. This manot last and we end up having a shattered equilibirium.
    On the other hand, the positive aspect is that youngsters are gettng conscious of many things that were earlier not available to them. Knowledge if used properly will indeed see us into a longterm growth curve.
    Unfortnately, for the time being I see arrogance and selfcentredness spreading faster than values that will make four country really great.

  7. RAM

    May 16. 2006

    India Inc. hijacks the agenda of every government, which is why government bends its back to appease the business community. The major stumbling block is lack of transparency in election funding. India is not progressing as long as agriculture sector languishes at the bottom, there are farmer suicides, agricultural growth is meagre 2.5% and people migrate from agriculture to slum ridden cities.

  8. Arun

    May 17. 2006

    Government bends its back to appease the large business community, and Small and medium industries are suffering most.

    All local brands are disappearring. The agriculture sector too will be controlled by few people in future. Take an example of Monsanto Chemical, now every one has forgotten the incident and no one has given an ear to farmer’s voice.

    If you see the standard of politics, it goes down like any thing. Leaders adopted regional and Cast policy which means, no one is emerging as a national level leader.

    Politics is devided by region, cast, and community. We are going through a phase where correction is due.

  9. Pankaj Agarwal

    May 19. 2006

    With due respect, I beg to differ. The country is certainly progressing. The world is looking towards us. No country can have the courage to ignore us. Why we look to a miniscule percentage of persons. The country is not running because of them. It is because of rich heritage and for that we need positive outlook and require to be proud of rich heritage and culture.

    I will suggest every member to kindly have a look on the book “VISION 2020″ by our Honble President. You will find so many things to be proud of. It is WE who are to run this country.

    Now, Right to Information Act is in place and we may certainly make use of it to correct the things.

    We being enlightened citizen has a greater role to play.

    Pankaj Agrwal
    Chartered Accountants
    302, Chintels House
    16 Station Road
    Lucknow 226 001
    Phone 2293522

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