Female Foeticide: An Act Unpardonable

India witnessed its first ever conviction for the foetal sex determination that took place in the state of Haryana. This was the first ever conviction after the Act was passed in the year 1994; after a period of 12 years even though there have been innumerable such cases in the country- ironical isn’t it? But, Better Late than Never.
In the conviction a doctor and his assistant were sentenced to two years’ imprisonment and a fine of Rs. 5000 for violating the Pre-Natal Diagnostic Technique (Regulation and Prevention of Misuse) Act, 1994.
Sex determination test is a heinous crime. It is a crime against humanity and in all respect it amounts to murder. Isn’t it a pathetic state of affairs wherein on one hand we vow at being a progressive country but simultaneously on the other hand we are indulging in acts that are nowhere near to humanness?
Have we ever given it a serious thought as to why people indulge in acts such as that of female foeticide?
The most appropriate answer/excuse is that people are concerned about their lineage. But the people who talk about their ancestry, have they ever tried to remember the names of their forefathers. A person may recollect the names of his grandfather, great grandfather or might be their great great grandfather but how about others higher up the ancestry. Even if, suppose, a person knows his lineage, what difference would that make? Have we ever realized the fact that what would happen if the female sex ratio goes down drastically? And that is what is happening in states like Haryana and Punjab and this will spread to other states if not curbed at the right time. Do people have any realization of the fact as to what would happen to the ecological balance? They worry about their lineage but what about the situation when there would be no females? How would they take the human kind ahead; leave alone the lineage?
Nature has tried to strike a balance and when God has not differentiated against a female, who has given this right to anyone else! We cannot differentiate against any gender and acts like these only reflect sick mental state of the doer.
Being humans we should try to act on humanitarian grounds, as that is what is required of a sane human being and heinous acts like foeticide must be curbed as soon as possible!!!


8 Responses to “Female Foeticide: An Act Unpardonable”

  1. Madhur

    Mar 30. 2006

    Its really sad considering that the act was been passed 14 years ago and no one has been punished until recently knowing that such heinous crime are very frequent in our country.

    Whats the point talking bout nuclear technology, 21st century, sensex crossing 11000, commonwealt games or the mass development or other things when we know that such atrocities arestill happening amonst us. Kiiling a life which has not yet seen the world is too disgusting and that too in greed of a SON…..

    Disgusting is all i can say.

  2. Aaraav

    Mar 30. 2006

    Its a pity that such things occur in todays time. I guess boys n gals are equal and this is 21is century.

    Shame on us to have such a precedent still prevalent. Kudos to all those who do it.

  3. Radhika Jalan

    Mar 30. 2006

    God send them to hell !!!!

  4. Rakhi Khanna

    Mar 30. 2006

    Any male doing such act should know that he too came in this world through a FEMALE…his mother.

    He should know that women brings life into this earth. He should know that girls too are gift of God and are in now way less than boys.

    I would term this act a as SAVAGE and INHUMAN

  5. Pravesh Shah

    Mar 31. 2006

    Aisa karne wale ko bhagwaan nark mein bhi jagah nahi dega. Boss, try and educate people to eradicate this crime.

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