About Forum4CA

Welcome to Forum For Chartered Accountants and finance professionals.

Forum4ca is a platform which provides Chartered Accountants and Finance Professionals round the globe with an opportunity to express their views on various topics and encourage discussions.

Generally,it is observed that we all have to say something or the other. Everyone has so much to say and so much to express but a much needed platform is not available wherein we can share our knowledge and thoughts.

So, we thought of providing the much needed platform where you can put your thoughts across, discuss issues, blog and and share it with the entire world. Hence Forum4Ca was born. Here, we shall hold discussions on finance, budget, taxation, time management, practice management, laws, stock market etc.

You are invited to post your views on any topic or issue or put forward your query to the Forum4CA team which we shall be glad to resolve.

We welcome one and all to this exciting new blog and wish you all a very happy blogging.